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Janet Yellen Meets the Right

In my weekly column today, I described the presentations made at a meeting led by American Principles in Action with Federal Reserve Board Chair Janet Yellen and Governor Lael Brainard last Friday.  To read the full column, click here. An excerpt: Janet Yellen, meeting with 21 members … [Read more...]

Bush Endorses Stripping Federal Government of Role in Curriculum

Blames conservatives' dislike of Common Core on Obama. At CPAC, Jeb Bush was asked by Sean Hannity if Common Core was a federal takeover.  He responded "no" and then amended his answer to "it shouldn't be": With this President and this Department of Education there is a risk they will … [Read more...]

CPAC Poll: 58% Say Common Core Support a Dealbreaker

As part of the CPAC presidential straw poll, the conservative activists attending were asked what issues they would consider a deal breaker.  Fifty-eight percent said they could not vote for a candidate who supports Common Core. … [Read more...]

More Pro-life Leaders Appalled at Walker’s Interview

Bradley calls Walker remarks "tragic." Noted pro-life leader Prof. Gerard Bradley reacted to Scott Walker's remarks, in which Gov. Walker claimed he couldn't do anything to protect the right to life because the Supreme Court has ruled: Governor Walker's replies indicate reliably that he … [Read more...]

Walker’s Terrible Sunday Interview on Life

Tells Chris Wallace Nothing He Can Do. Coming out of a good CPAC appearance, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker just gave what I can safely call the very worst interview on the life issue I have seen from a Republican in recent memory.  Walker's "Truce" instincts were vividly on display again after his … [Read more...]

Bush on Life and Marriage

"I am pro-life." When Sean Hannity asked him about Terry Schiavo, Jeb Bush took the opportunity to assert "I am pro-life": We [in Florida] are the first state to have a 'choose life' license place that helped with crisis pregnancy. I’m pro-life, and I also believe the most vulnerable in our … [Read more...]

What Brian Domitrovic told Janet Yellen

Bad monetary policy starves the real economy. Brian Domitrovic was one of 22 conservatives invited by American Principles in Action to meet with Janet Yellen last Friday. In his column yesterday for, Domitrovic reveals what he told the Fed Chair: In the era of the near-classical … [Read more...]

GOP Candidates Move Away from Common Core

Jeb Bush stands alone. National Review has a useful summary of the GOP candidates' move away from the Common Core. It begins by noting that as recently as January 2012, Scott Walker chaired a Wisconsin reading task force that endorsed the Common Core: Two years later, on July 17, 2014, … [Read more...]

Price of Beef Doubles

Official CPI declines. The price of hamburger increased to a new record, $4.23 a pound, jumping 22 percent in the last year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Official inflation remains low.  But five years ago, a pound of ground beef was just $1.96 a pound. … [Read more...]

Santorum: “Pro-Freedom, Pro-Family, Pro-Growth, and Also Pro-Worker”

Swipes at candidates who flip-flopped on Common Core. Sen. Rick Santorum’s CPAC speech carved out a niche for himself as the Blue Collar Conservative, the champion of the ‘little guy.’ Santorum called on the GOP to be “pro-freedom, pro-family, pro-growth, and also pro-worker.”  He gets an … [Read more...]