Latino Partnership corrects Politifact over Boxer's anti-immigration reform record

Our Latino Partnership has appeared in the news recently, connected with a controversy over a Spanish-language ad they helped produced which claimed, among other things, that Barbara Boxer (D-CA) “voted against immigration reform to permit [Latinos] to come here legally to work.”

Yesterday the Latino Partnership issued a press release, responding to the claims of a report that said the ad was “false.”

You can read the original press release here, but I’ve also copied the text below because I think the argument is informative:

Washington, D.C. — Senator Barbara Boxer’s opposition to comprehensive immigration reform in 2007 continues to haunt her re-election campaign this year as she struggles to hold off challenger Carly Fiorina, who has been making inroads among Latino voters in California. The website recently labelled a Spanish-language television ad “false” for claiming Senator Boxer “voted against immigration reform to permit people to come here legally to work.”

“It’s unfortunate that a fact-checking organization has increased confusion over what is actually a very straightforward point,” said Alfonso Aguilar, executive director of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles.  “It is a matter of public record that on June 7, 2007 Barbara Boxer voted NO when asked to invoke cloture on the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007.”

“The Senate has not come close to passing truly comprehensive immigration reform since that fateful day in 2007.  Barbara Boxer bears responsibility for putting special interests first and helping to undermine the bipartisan consensus that would have begun to reform our nation’s broken immigration system years ago.”

Politifact mischaracterized Boxer’s NO vote on cloture, claiming her NO vote instead was intended to “continue debating the bill.” Those who follow Senate procedure carefully, however, will admit that a NO vote on cloture is actually a vote to filibuster passage of a bill. In fact, on June 6, 2007, Boxer supported the Dorgan amendment, a “poison pill” designed to destroy the bill’s Republican support. After the Dorgan amendment passed, Boxer still opposed the final bill. Even Boxer’s colleague, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), parted ways with Boxer and voted YES for cloture because Feinsten supported the final bill.

Therefore, contrary to a quote made in Politifact, Boxer did not vote against a “piece” of the bill. Instead, she opposed the entire bill when she voted NO on its final cloture. It is therefore simply false for Politifact to claim “Boxer did not vote against the immigration reform bill in 2007.” The Senate record disagrees when it shows Boxer voted NO to defeat the cloture vote which would have allowed the bill to proceed.

“Whatever she has attempted to do in the aftermath of the defeat of the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007, on the vote that mattered most for reforming our nation’s broken immigration system, Boxer chose to listen to special-interest groups who told her to do what she ended up doing: voting NO,” said Aguilar.  “Boxer does not deserve the opportunity to disappoint Latinos in this way again.”