Gold Standard Gains Support in GOP

The Christian Science Monitor has a new article on the increasing popularity of the Gold Standard among Republicans (which also mentions the work being done by American Principles in Action).  Check out the excerpt below or read the entire article here:

Interrupting “Bonanza,” one of the most popular TV shows in the nation, President Richard Nixon in 1971 told the country he was “temporarily” ending the link between gold and the US dollar.

Since then the value of the dollar has “floated,” depending on the state of the economy and Federal Reserve policy.

Now, at least two out of seven major Republican candidates have said they support returning to a “gold standard” which would require the US to back up every dollar with gold stored in Fort Knox or the New York Federal Reserve.

Backers of a gold standard – a view popular with many tea party advocates – see a gold-backed currency as a way to rein in government spending and minimize the role of the Federal Reserve. Traditional economists consider the concept a bad idea, arguing it would hamstring the ability of policymakers to respond to changing economic times.

The most vocal pro-gold-standard candidate is Ron Paul, now running third in Iowa polls. It is one of his signature issues. “We need honest money, a gold standard and not paper money out of the Federal Reserve system,” said Mr. Paul at a debate in Ames, Iowa in August.

Newt Gingrich, running second in Iowa, says he is in favor of “hard money with a very limited Federal Reserve.” He also said he favors a dollar that is “good as gold.”

One of the most vocal advocates of returning to the gold standard is Jeff Bell, the policy director of American Principles in Action, which recently sponsored a forum for Republican candidates in South Carolina.

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