We work to promote policies and action that protects children and secures their future.

Parents have a rightful role as the primary director of their children’s spiritual, educational, civic, and social formation. They have the right to regulate the influences within their home and outside of the home, within the community. Likewise, children have the right to receive instruction from their parents, as the main foundation for their lives and future. And the Government has a responsibility to protect the family’s rights and their sovereignty.

Our focus includes:

  • Promoting the rightful role of parents in the spiritual, educational, civic, and social formation of their children.
  • Protecting the innocence of children against promiscuity, pornography, violence, and other corruptions.
  • Fighting for religious liberty and other freedoms.

Jane Robbins on Why Common Core is Bad for America

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Decatur stacks deck against parents opposed to transgender policies

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PRESS RELEASE: USED: Fighting for Local Control? Fighting for Trump?

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Is Technology Really Better for Education?

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Transgenderism: A Leftist Weapon Against the Family

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Congressional Panel Wants to Create Massive Citizen Database, But Don’t Worry, It’s Bipartisan

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