Working Americans across the country are struggling. We believe poor monetary policy is largely responsible. Wages are stagnant. The cost of living is rising and the value of the dollar is eroding, injuring the dignity and economic security of American workers with it. We believe action is needed to restore job creation, economic mobility, and the American dream.

We demand:

  • Accountability of the Federal Reserve through a full audit by the Government Accountability Office.
  • A national monetary commission to explore the track record of alternate monetary policy regimes on our economy and empirically evaluate which options would best serve working Americans by preserving the value of the dollar.
  • A renewed understanding and appreciation of the classical gold standard’s track record of supporting a rising standard of living, fostering job creation and economic mobility, and promoting equitable prosperity.

Fix The Dollar

Our mission is to defend the liberty of the individual, which can only be protected when the wages, quality of life and savings earned through the fruits of one’s labor are preserved by the maintenance of sound currency.

The right to the pursuit of happiness endowed to us by our creator memorializes property rights as sacred to liberty. There is no greater expression of private property than the preservation of value that is maintained in our currency. Our money is the measure of the value of our earnings and savings, our property. When someone’s property is taken without their consent, this amounts to an attack on this most fundamental right. Today’s monetary policy takes control of our money and hands it to unelected bureaucrats.

Our mission is to return control of our money to the people, fix the dollar and restore sound money.

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