Working Americans across the country are struggling. We believe poor monetary policy is largely responsible. Wages are stagnant. The cost of living is rising and the value of the dollar is eroding, injuring the dignity and economic security of American workers with it. We believe action is needed to restore job creation, economic mobility, and the American dream.

We demand:

  • Accountability of the Federal Reserve through a full audit by the Government Accountability Office.
  • A national monetary commission to explore the track record of alternate monetary policy regimes on our economy and empirically evaluate which options would best serve working Americans by preserving the value of the dollar.
  • A renewed understanding and appreciation of the classical gold standard’s track record of supporting a rising standard of living, fostering job creation and economic mobility, and promoting equitable prosperity.

Gold Standard Insures the Dollar has More Buying Power – Steve Lonegan, Star-Ledger

Gov. Jim Florio’s “A Proposed Return to the Gold Standard is Cause for Concern” contains a certain irony: Mr. Florio's embrace of the most important decision made about our money in our lifetime made by President Richard Nixon, who left office under a severe cloud. The facts are clear. During the … [Read more...]

Steve Lonegan Discusses Fix the Dollar on Iowa Radio

Steve Lonegan with Jan Mickelson in the WHO Radio studio

Steve Lonegan, our director of monetary policy, was in Iowa last week touting our Fix the Dollar project and he made several radio appearances.  On Monday, 9/22/14 he was on Jan Mickelson's show on WHO Radio 1040 AM who is based in Des Moines.  You can listen to that clip below.   On … [Read more...]

Federal Reserve Achievement: Rich Getting Richer, Poor Getting Poorer, Middle Class Being Squeezed

Media coverage of Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen’s speech ignores the continuing predicament of the middle income American. Sure, those with highly leveraged portfolios or a large pile of retirement assets might care, but that’s not the median income worker. For conversation sake let’s call … [Read more...]

Opinion: There ain’t no such thing as a free market

Steve Lonegan in MarketWatch Well-meaning conservative and libertarian groups beat the drum for something called “free markets.” Liberal groups blame these “free markets” for many of the world’s evils. Here’s the harsh reality neither side will tell you. There ain’t no such thing as a “free … [Read more...]

Steve Lonegan: Americans Need to Fight for Value of Dollar

Gold Dollar (credit: Wiki Commons by Saperaud)

By Steven Lonegan in The Record Historically, Americans have been willing to fight for the value of their money, so recent complacency over the destruction of the dollar is disturbing. THE U.S. economy continues to struggle. Wages remain stagnant for working families. Inflation slowly diminishes … [Read more...]

NRO: GOP Should Address Falling Value of Wages

By Maggie Gallagher in the National Review Online.  Read the full article here. I was in the Eisenhower Lounge of the National Republican Club, where the executive directors of the RNC, the NSRC, the NRCC, the RGA, and the RSLC called a press conference to announce: The Rs think Republicans are … [Read more...] Paul Volcker’s Call For A ‘New Bretton Woods’ Is Important

Originally published in by Ralph Benko Seth Lipsky, the editor of the storied New York Sun (a brand distinguished by the long residency of Henry Hazlitt), recently, in theWall Street Journal, brought to wider attention certain remarkable recent comments by Paul … [Read more...]

The Hill: Spirit of Jack Kemp Rides Again

Originally published in The Hill by Ralph Benko Jack Kemp was one of very few transformational political leaders of the 20th century.  He incontrovertibly was the political prime mover in raising the world’s wealth to $100 trillion (trillion with a t).  As this writer elsewhere has … [Read more...]

RNC Calls on Congress to Bring Centennial Monetary Commission Legislation to a Prompt Vote

Washington, D.C. – The Republican National Committee, voted unanimously today to adopt a resolution calling on Congress to bring forward a vote on the the Centennial Monetary Commission legislation. The resolution states, “The United States House of Representatives [are] to give H.R. 1176 … [Read more...]

WSJ Marketwatch: What’s So Bad About Falling Prices? Nothing!

Wall Street Journal's Marketwatch: As Ben Bernanke hands over the Federal Reserve chairmanship to Janet Yellen at the end of January, leadership of the central bank will be passed from one strident deflation foe to another. All the way back in 2002, Bernanke in his speech “Deflation: Making … [Read more...]