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McGroarty & Robbins: “Parents should still be concerned about Betsy DeVos”

Via The Hill: We all know that Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos supports school choice, and that the organizations she funded, or in some cases founded, actively defended the Common Core national standards. Now she’s offering more insight into her general philosophy of education — and parents … [Read more...]

Sean Fieler: How Trump became the pro-life leader Republicans always needed

Via The Hill: President Trump has transformed the Republican Party’s long-standing opposition to abortion from a moral imperative into a political winner. As a result, and to the consternation of many in the pro-life movement, President Trump, unlike his Republican predecessors, is actually … [Read more...]

Breitbart: North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory’s Defeat Due to ‘Radical Forces’ and ‘Corporate Extortion, Bullying’

Via Breitbart: By Dr. Susan Berry National and state leaders of constitutional groups are calling North Carolina Republican Gov. Pat McCrory’s conceded defeat to Democrat Roy Cooper the result of money poured into the state by outside “radical forces” as well as “corporate extortion” and … [Read more...]

PRESS RELEASE: McCrory Didn’t Lose Because HB2 Was A “Social Issue”

Unable to defend the merits of Charlotte's radical ordinance which HB2 struck down, Leftists resorted to corporate extortion and bullying to damage Gov. Pat McCrory's image among North Carolina voters Washington, D.C. – Gov. Pat McCrory (R-North Carolina) has conceded his race to Democratic … [Read more...]

APP Releases Statement on Sessions Attorney General Selection

Washington, D.C. – In response to news reports that President-elect Donald Trump has selected Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) to be the next Attorney General, Frank Cannon, president at American Principles Project, released the following statement: "On life, education, religious freedom, sound … [Read more...]

PRESS RELEASE: The State of Georgia Engaged in Religious Discrimination Against a Lay Minister

Dr. Eric Walsh was hired by the State of Georgia to be one of its District Health Directors in 2014. He was fired for his religious beliefs immediately after the government obtained copies of his sermons.  Atlanta, Georgia – American Principles Project, an organization based in … [Read more...]

PRESS RELEASE: Clinton Staffers’ “Despicable” Anti-Catholic Comments Reflect Clinton’s Anti-Catholic Policies

If Clinton truly wants to court Catholics and Evangelicals,Podesta, Palmieri, Halpin should all be publicly repudiated and/or fired   Washington, D.C. – An influential Catholic conservative leader is calling for Hillary Clinton to publicly repudiate and/or fire John Podesta, Jennifer … [Read more...]

PRESS RELEASE: Hillary Clinton Elevates the Federal Reserve to “God-Status”

Democratic nominee suggests the Fed is infallible and beyond reproach Washington, D.C. – On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton lashed out at Donald Trump’s recent criticism of the Federal Reserve, arguing that monetary policy should be completely off-limits as a campaign issue: “You should not be … [Read more...]

Make No Mistake: Religious Freedom Dies on Hillary’s Watch

Via TownHall: Last Wednesday Hillary Clinton made her pitch for the Mormon vote, publishing an op ed in the Deseret News about her devotion to religious freedom. Most observers don’t immediately associate Hillary Clinton with religious freedom, or for that matter with any conceivable aspect of … [Read more...]

Common Core’s National Curriculum Has Arrived

Via TownHall: Co-Authored by JaKell Sullivan In May 2014, conservative columnist George Will warned that Common Core represented the "thin edge of an enormous wedge" and that "sooner or later you inevitably have a national curriculum." Will’s concern is now closer to realization. One … [Read more...]