APP Education

We work to promote policies and action that protects children and secures their future.

Parents have a rightful role as the primary director of their children’s spiritual, educational, civic, and social formation. They have the right to regulate the influences within their home and outside of the home, within the community. Likewise, children have the right to receive instruction from their parents, as the main foundation for their lives and future. And the Government has a responsibility to protect the family’s rights and their sovereignty.

Our focus includes:

  • Promoting the rightful role of parents in the spiritual, educational, civic, and social formation of their children.
  • Protecting the innocence of children against promiscuity, pornography, violence, and other corruptions.
  • Fighting for religious liberty and other freedoms.

Christian Post on Bobby Jindal Lawsuit

The Christian Post took a look at the governor's new lawsuit against Common Core, as well as the rapidly dimming opinion Americans have of the standards.  APP Education director Emmett McGroarty discussed how the issue could help Republicans at the ballot box: Louisiana Governor Bobby … [Read more...]

World Magazine: Is Common Core Losing the Public Perception Test?

This article by Emily Scheie argues that it is: The education standards called Common Core have been adopted in more than 40 states, but according to a Phi Delta Kappa (PDK)/Gallup poll released Wednesday, the majority of Americans oppose them. By the end of 2012, all but a handful of states had … [Read more...]

BREAKING: Governor Bobby Jindal Files Lawsuit Against Obama Administration Over Common Core

Governor Bobby Jindal (FEMA Public Domain Photo)

Leading Group Fighting Common Core Responds Washington, D.C. – Governor Bobby Jindal filed a lawsuit today against the Obama administration for violating states’ rights during the implementation process of the Common Core. Gov. Jindal says that the $4.3 billion grant program and federal … [Read more...]

Breitbart: Mike Huckabee Says Stop Common Core Fight

As ABC News reports, Huckabee, considered to be a 2016 presidential hopeful, was addressing the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC) in Washington, a group that includes over 40,000 churches and 16 million evangelical Hispanics. ...“I don’t support what Common Core has become … [Read more...]

College Board Under Fire for History Framework

Jane Robbins went on Fox News with James Rosen to discuss the radical new changes to the Advanced Placement History Framework. … [Read more...]

Video: Jane Robbins Common Core interview

From the Daily Caller This week, we air the second part of an interview with the American Principles Project lawyer Jane Robbins on Common Core. In this 15 minute video interview, she shares 10 things people may not know about Common Core, what gives her hope in this battle over nationalizing … [Read more...]

Steve Deace Interviews Emmett McGroarty

You will be made to care — or you will be silenced. Dr. Emmett McGroarty of the American Principles Project on stopping Common Core‬. Read more at the Deace Show or listen to the segment here: … [Read more...]

NGA Backs Away from “Radioactive” Common Core

Breitbart details how the National Governor's Association, which originally helped develop the Common Core State Standards, is now backing away from them as parents and teachers turn against the controversial standards. Emmett McGroarty, education director of the American Principles Project, is … [Read more...]

OpEd: Runoff Pits Big Business Against Parents, Teachers

By Jane Robbins for the Augusta Chronicle.  Read the original here In the battle for the Republican nomination for state school superintendent, the last men standing offer starkly different visions for Georgia education.  Representing the education and corporate establishments is Mike Buck, … [Read more...]

Jane Robbins with CBS’ Dick Morris on History Test Changes


Jane Robbins, attorney and senior fellow at the American Principles Project, discusses how the College Board has changed the AP US History exams to make curriculum cast United States history in a negative light.   CBS' Dick Morris notes that the new curricula, among other things, downplays the … [Read more...]